The History Of ‘Smile Baba’ of the Smile Time Africa Firm (photos)



Omokhape Samuel Darlington also known as Smile Baba is a Nigerian television and radio host, comedian, singer , television network producer, filmmaker and entrepreneur. He hosts the Smile Time Africa show , an internationally syndicated radio/TV show that airs throughout the World on Various cable stations and currently airs on Afrostartv and Gh1 TV both in Ghana.
Darlington ( Smile Baba) is the founder and CEO of Smile Entertainment Limited, a multimedia production company through which he produces content for radio, television, publishing, the stage, the Internet and events.
He is also the founder and owner of S24 Studios, S24Radio and S24tv. Smile Baba is the first African to create a 3D studio in the continent for radio and TV production. Arguably the most beautiful on air studio with 3D materials in Africa.
In 2014 Smile Baba created Africa’s first integrated carnival the Ghana Naija Carnival which is aimed at uniting the two countries. With thousands of people in attendance the Ghana Naija Carnival remains Africa’s largest single multicultural and multitribal social gathering. ——

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